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Three reasons you need collision coverage on your auto insurance policy

Motorists often regret choosing less expensive auto coverage down the road. One way they lower their premiums is by forgoing collision coverage. We offer auto insurance coverage, including collision coverage at Access Legacy Insurance Group.

The following are three reasons you need collision coverage on your auto insurance policy in Brooklyn, NY. 

Your vehicle is essential for meeting your transportation needs.

Many consumers out there need their vehicles to be up and running to get where they need to be. That means that you can’t wait around to save up funds to pay for needed vehicle repairs.

If you have collision coverage, you can get repairs performed right away. In fact, collision coverage often includes rental vehicle coverage. This means you’ll get a rental vehicle to use until your vehicle is up and running again. 

Car accidents can result in thousands of dollars of damage to your vehicle.

As a motorist, you need to realize just how much a vehicle accident can cost. If you get in a bad accident, you might need to spend several thousand dollars to get your vehicle running again. Chances are, this is going to put a dent in your savings. 

Collision coverage pays for damages when incidents don’t involve another driver. 

You might feel that you are a pretty good driver, so you’re unlikely to cause an accident. This means you think other drivers involved in an accident will have liability coverage to cover the costs.

However, it’s possible to experience damage to your vehicle with no other motorists involved. For example, a branch can fall and crack your windshield, or your vehicle could experience damage if you drive over a bad pothole. 

Collision coverage covers the costs of damages to your vehicle in situations like these, where you can’t rely on another driver’s liability coverage. 

We can offer you collision coverage on your auto insurance policy in Brooklyn, NY at Access Legacy Insurance Group. Get in touch with us to learn more.

Understanding Commercial Insurance

Owning a business can bring you a unique sense of pride and accomplishment. However, along with this comes a great deal of responsibility. You have invested a lot of time and money into your business. You will want to protect that investment in the best way possible. At Access Legacy Insurance Group, serving Brooklyn, NY, we take your insurance education seriously. Keep reading to find out what you need to know about commercial insurance.

What is Commercial Insurance?

Commercial insurance is a suite of insurance products that are designed for the business owner. There are many different aspects of your business that can pose potential threats to your company’s financial stability. Without proper insurance in place, any of these factors could cause economic vulnerability. Having the appropriate insurance in place will ensure that you are protected against these risks. 

What Does Commercial Insurance Cover?

Commercial insurance can be customized to suit the particular needs of your business. In general, though, commercial insurance will cover the following areas. 

  • Property Damage: If you operate a brick and mortar business location, property damage coverage is an essential part of your financial plan. If your place of business is damaged or lost due to fire, natural disaster, or burglary, commercial insurance will kick in to help pay for the losses. This is necessary for your business to start back up again following a disaster. 
  • Auto Insurance: Commercial auto insurance acts similarly to regular auto insurance in that it will protect the vehicles and drivers you use to operate your business. 
  • Liability: Liability coverage is essential if someone is injured at your business, an employee is injured at work or if someone is injured because of your goods or services. Liability insurance will help pay for medical bills or legal fees associated with the incident. 

If you would like to learn more about commercial insurance, please contact our staff at Access Legacy Insurance Group, serving Brooklyn, NY. 

What happens to my home insurance after paying mortgage?

Nothing beats the feeling of completing a mortgage payment. It calls for more than a celebration, but there is a problem. What happens to your home insurance policy? Most New York residents prefer to use the mortgage mode as it allows them to grow their finances. Do you do away with it? No, bad idea. At Access Legacy Insurance Group, we recommend speaking to your insurance company to know the way forward.

What to do with the extra cash

Of Course, your money is now freed from debt, and you can do whatever you want with it. There are ways you can save and invest in your home insurance policy. Remember, your lender is no longer in control of your insurance because they no longer own that home. It is now your responsibility to ensure that you buy adequate coverages to safeguard your investment.

How to adjust your insurance

With a mortgage gone, you are likely to have more leeway with your home. You can choose to add or remove coverages based on your needs. The best way to go about it is by discussing the matter with your Brooklyn, NY insurance agent. Here are a few tips to get you going.

  • Use your money to renovate your old house. This will decrease your premium rates and also get your home into a better shape. If there is insecurity in the area, consider adding a home security system to keep burglars away. This addition also lowers your premium rates.
  • Be sure to remove the bank from your policy. This is an important step as it ensures that the bank does not have the power to claim any money you receive from that policy.
  • Check your limits. You do not need to carry high limits now that your lender is gone. Your insurance agent can help you go through the process of determining which limits should be adjusted and which ones should be left the way they are.

Need to know more about home insurance after mortgage payment, contact Access Legacy Insurance Group in Brooklyn, NY today!


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