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New York Flood Insurance Coverage

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Flood Insurance

Changing weather patterns have resulted in stronger storms and higher water levels that impact homes once unaffected by flooding. Homes that once stayed dry during the worst of floods are now at risk of water damage. Flood insurance is more important than ever before. At Access Legacy Insurance Group, our insurance agency is here to help you get a flood insurance policy from the NFIP that meets your needs and provides adequate coverage when disaster strikes.

Homeowners Insurance Policies Do Not Cover Flood Damage

Many a homeowner has discovered the hard way that their homeowner's insurance won't cover damage caused by flooding, no matter the source. All replacement costs for items lost to floodwaters come out of your own pocket. Some policies do provide some coverage for lost items, but if the flood damage ruins flooring, carpeting, or walls, homeowner's insurance will not cover the cost of replacement.

Getting Coverage Through the National Flood Insurance Program

The federal government created the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) to give homeowners living in floodplains the opportunity to insure their homes against flooding. At the time the program was created in 1968, fewer areas were developed and 100-year floods were infrequent but expected. Since that time, more land has been developed and more homes are in the path of floodwaters. The direct result is that more homes qualify for coverage under NFIP than ever before.

Non-Government Flood Insurance Policies Are an Option

It's possible to get a flood insurance policy through private insurance companies. These policies usually have higher claim limits than the NFIP and provide similar coverage. Going this route to get flood insurance can be a viable alternative for homeowners who need more coverage than what the federal insurance program provides.

Call Us Today to Discuss Getting Flood Insurance for Your Home

Talk to us at Access Legacy Insurance Group at your earliest convenience. Our insurance agency can help you navigate the NFIP and get you comprehensive protection for your home against flooding. Meanwhile, you have peace of mind knowing that you can restore your home without being heavily out of pocket after a flood.

While our offices are located in Brooklyn, NY & Toms River, NJ, we serve clients all across New York, New Jersey, and Florida.


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